She Cannot Forget You

Reverend Mrs. Clute carried a secret. Or rather, it was a secret growing inside her. To be clear, it was not her second child who was indeed growing inside her and becoming obvious to others. No, this baby boy was not her secret, and yes, she was certain it was a boy–she had had aContinue reading “She Cannot Forget You”

We Should Not Have Come Here

They have been tracting for a couple of hours in Armenian apartments in Glendale, CA. Mostly, they have heard, “No speak English,” or “We are first Christian. We know the God. We know the Jesus. We know everything.” They are close to lunch when they knock a door that probably has no one home–the shadesContinue reading “We Should Not Have Come Here”

His Reason for Fasting

All his life, the young man’s mother referred to a story of a couple she knew. The man had gone on a mission, and partway through his mission, he developed a crush on a girl in one of the wards. He started writing to her. This was against the rules: missionaries cannot write to someoneContinue reading “His Reason for Fasting”

Smite Their Enemies, Lord Jesus

They were asked into the house with barely an introduction. It is a black family with two parents and at least six kids. They are faithful people who believe the scriptures ardently, respect what the elders are doing, but are satisfied to continue with their church and not learn about the Book of Mormon. ElderContinue reading “Smite Their Enemies, Lord Jesus”

The Vision of the Valley of Cancerous Bones

He is sitting on the upper deck of the lake house in Maine. His wife is in the kitchen with her sisters making dinner. Towels are drying on the rail in front of him. He opens the Bible to Ezekiel 37. Most Mormons like it for the stick of Joseph and the stick of Judah.Continue reading “The Vision of the Valley of Cancerous Bones”

You Will Give the Blessing

The room is dark. Lauren is breathing deeply, almost snoring. His mind is filling with random, disconnected thoughts. And then, they change and become clear. “I call down the powers of heaven and the holy angels on your behalf and command you to be well. I rebuke your cancer and command your bones to heal.”Continue reading “You Will Give the Blessing”

Yes, Virginia, There is a Bigfoot

Even now, his mother tells the story the same. “There are so many things all these doctors and experts don’t know. Like Bigfoot. People think he’s fake. He’s not. My daddy saw one.” “Really?” “Yes. He was a coal packer and trucker. He used to haul loads down from the mountains in Utah. One time,Continue reading “Yes, Virginia, There is a Bigfoot”

And Now You Know

Early each morning, the boy reads the Book of Mormon and then prays to know that it is true. He did not understand much of 2 Nephi. He sort of understood Mosiah. He really liked Alma and the war chapters because he loves Top Gun and Patton and Iron Eagle, and he thinks he wantsContinue reading “And Now You Know”

The Casket Is Open

Early in the evening, the young man goes with his best friend Ted to the calling hours at Seaside Memorial Funeral Home. Chris’s mother is sitting about three pews back from the casket next to a man. She is bone thin and wearing a gray pantsuit. The man must be her second husband. Her firstContinue reading “The Casket Is Open”