I Am So Excited to be Here

November 12, 1996

Arcadia, California

Dear Mom and Dad,

I am sitting outside the office of the mission president waiting to be interviewed. I have a splitting headache, I’m starving, and I’m totally exhausted. I have been awake since 4:30 in the morning, and we haven’t eaten since around 11 mountain time, and it’s close to 7 pm mountain time now, though of course I am now on pacific time. I’m not supposed to tell you all that. I’m supposed to let you know that I have arrived safely, that I am in good health, that I am excited to be here, that I can’t wait to meet my trainer, and that everything is great.

I can confirm I have made it safely. I imagine I will feel better after eating and getting a good night’s sleep. I don’t know who my trainer will be or what my first area is yet. I will find that out in the interview where I will have to pretend to be very excited and have no issues. Also, it’s very smoggy here. You think your eyesight is bad, but it’s not—it’s the fact that you can see the air.

I’m sure everything will be better in a day or two. Sorry for saying how I feel but I will be fine.

I love you and miss you.



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