You Will Give the Blessing

The room is dark. Lauren is breathing deeply, almost snoring. His mind is filling with random, disconnected thoughts.

And then, they change and become clear.

“I call down the powers of heaven and the holy angels on your behalf and command you to be well. I rebuke your cancer and command your bones to heal.”

He opens his eyes and stares at the ceiling.

“But Lord, he has terminal cancer and is NOT going to be made well.”

“You will give the blessing anyway.”

“What is the point of that?”

“You will give the blessing anyway.”

“When? He lives two thousand miles away.”

He then recalls that they will visit his parents in three weeks, and though his father has not asked before, he will ask this time.

“Stephen could bless him instead?”

“He will ask you, and you will give the blessing.”

“I will give it, and my father will not be healed, and it could hurt the family’s faith.”

“You will give the blessing.”

He stares at the ceiling for at least an hour, but the conversation is over. Abraham got no answer beforehand about placing Isaac on the altar.

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