His Reason for Fasting

All his life, the young man’s mother referred to a story of a couple she knew. The man had gone on a mission, and partway through his mission, he developed a crush on a girl in one of the wards. He started writing to her. This was against the rules: missionaries cannot write to someoneContinue reading “His Reason for Fasting”

The Vision of the Valley of Cancerous Bones

He is sitting on the upper deck of the lake house in Maine. His wife is in the kitchen with her sisters making dinner. Towels are drying on the rail in front of him. He opens the Bible to Ezekiel 37. Most Mormons like it for the stick of Joseph and the stick of Judah.Continue reading “The Vision of the Valley of Cancerous Bones”

You Will Give the Blessing

The room is dark. Lauren is breathing deeply, almost snoring. His mind is filling with random, disconnected thoughts. And then, they change and become clear. “I call down the powers of heaven and the holy angels on your behalf and command you to be well. I rebuke your cancer and command your bones to heal.”Continue reading “You Will Give the Blessing”

So This Is It

Right after the session they are seated next to each other on a couch in the celestial room. It is summer before what he thinks will be his final two semesters of college when he will finish with an English major and a Spanish minor. But as he sits next to her, he can seeContinue reading “So This Is It”

Alone in Everett on a Hot Summer Day

Knowing how to receive revelation does not make it easy. He is home by himself in the third-floor, two-bedroom apartment on Union Street in Everett. A hospital is over the hill. There are no woods to flee to where he could find quiet. Lauren has taken Grant, age six weeks, to California to see herContinue reading “Alone in Everett on a Hot Summer Day”

And Now You Know

Early each morning, the boy reads the Book of Mormon and then prays to know that it is true. He did not understand much of 2 Nephi. He sort of understood Mosiah. He really liked Alma and the war chapters because he loves Top Gun and Patton and Iron Eagle, and he thinks he wantsContinue reading “And Now You Know”