Yes, Virginia, There is a Bigfoot

Even now, his mother tells the story the same. “There are so many things all these doctors and experts don’t know. Like Bigfoot. People think he’s fake. He’s not. My daddy saw one.”


“Yes. He was a coal packer and trucker. He used to haul loads down from the mountains in Utah. One time, he was approaching his trailer to get ready to go and he felt the Spirit tell him not to go further. So he stopped. Then he saw it—a giant hairy man-like creature but far larger and taller than a regular man. And the creature was mad. He roared. Then he came to the trailer and tipped it over. If daddy had been driving it or near it he could have been killed. But the beast then ran off, and dad reloaded and got out of there as fast as possible.”

“That’s wild.”

“Daddy never said it was Bigfoot. He said it could have been Cain even because he had such a dark feeling. But Bigfoot is what it sounded like to me.”

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