The Living and the Dead

We are what we believe about our past, our perceptions of what we are now experiencing, and what we believe about where we are going. My stories explore how micro moments add up to who we are now.

Latest Stories from Gordon

Howl 2020

This is a different post. It’s hard for me to express the horror I’ve felt and observed throughout 2020 and into 2021. So I’ve tried to express it in an atypical way with words that aren’t my own but are arranged to say something, obtusely, about my feelings. Who hath believed our report? and toContinue reading “Howl 2020”

The Natural

They have not yet played a game, and they are still being evaluated for positions. When Coach Shumate asks if anyone can pitch, the boy volunteers. He is picked to try out third, so he stays at shortstop while Mike Davila and Mike Sheehan each take turns pitching to a couple of hitters. Davila isContinue reading “The Natural”

You’re a Red Dot Now

The young man and Elder Smith have been together for nearly three weeks. Elder Smith is about six feet with dishwater blond hair; he’s skinnier than the young man, soft spoken, and hardworking. He is from Montana and speaks slowly and deliberately. After a week of being together, the young man jokes that Smith mightContinue reading “You’re a Red Dot Now”


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