Be Sure to Check for Bombs Under the Bed

They live in a rental house in Corpus Christi while trying to find the home they want and selling their last home in San Antonio. The boy has already checked under his bed and in his closet—fortunately, he has found no bombs. Irrational? Maybe you haven’t seen Cloak and Dagger. Maybe you don’t remember thatContinue reading “Be Sure to Check for Bombs Under the Bed”

Get Off the Idiot Box

Lucille Hill, his grandmother, is stooped over with arthritis, probably not even 5’3″. Her fingers are crooked, and her back hurts constantly. She frequently has him, his mother, or his brother use a vibrating massager to rub it out at night. She is a direct descendant of many different Mormon pioneers, Clara Mellor of MartinContinue reading “Get Off the Idiot Box”


The boy has been vomiting all day, and he’s had a touch of diarrhea at least once. It’s Christmas break, and his dad is off of work, so today, they watched Gone with the Wind and Patton, now they are about to start Ike. As Dad opens the Blockbuster rental box, he smiles and laughsContinue reading “Ass-Face-Itis”

Smite Their Enemies, Lord Jesus

They were asked into the house with barely an introduction. It is a black family with two parents and at least six kids. They are faithful people who believe the scriptures ardently, respect what the elders are doing, but are satisfied to continue with their church and not learn about the Book of Mormon. ElderContinue reading “Smite Their Enemies, Lord Jesus”

Christmas Dinner

It is their first Christmas as a married couple. They are spending it in Corpus Christi with the man’s parents. Stephen and Lydia are planning to stop by in another hour or so. The presents are all unwrapped, and everyone is now exhausted from the excitement wearing off. Around 3 pm, Lauren says, “I’m supposedContinue reading “Christmas Dinner”

A Van Down by the River

The man sits at a long table next to Lauren. Across the table are all Grant’s teachers, the speech therapist, the occupational therapist, and the head of special ed for the school. It is his third grade review of his IEP—a critical evaluation to determine if services will continue. They all have copies of theContinue reading “A Van Down by the River”

It Was a Beautiful Eulogy

His father went to the old family farm in Columbiana, Ohio, for Uncle Ludwig’s funeral. Granny and all her sisters were there. He stayed for a week and loved visiting with all of them and their families. He comes home and tells the young man and the rest of the family his favorite moment. “WeContinue reading “It Was a Beautiful Eulogy”

How About Nuclear Fusion?

Armen is looking at the young man with a sly smile. He is in his mid fifties, and he has passed his baptismal interview. “I’m going to tell you a secret about Armenians.” They are sitting in Armen’s den in Glendale, CA, where more Armenians live than any other place except their homeland. “Sure, goContinue reading “How About Nuclear Fusion?”

You Think You’re Dying of Cyanide Poisoning?

Visions of his own death at any second—that’s all the boy can see in the dark as he lies on his back. That and the news report he had seen while passing through the front room to play outside near dusk. He could see bottles of the soda Slice being pulled off the shelves. “Stephen?”Continue reading “You Think You’re Dying of Cyanide Poisoning?”

If One of Us Is Going to Die, It Should Be You

On this trip to Utah, he has gone to the temple for the first time and been baptized for three of his grandmother’s brothers. The boy has turned 12 and been ordained a deacon. Now, he is with his brother, sister, and father near the amphitheater at Aspen Grove. They have returned from the shortContinue reading “If One of Us Is Going to Die, It Should Be You”