I Know Just How You Feel

November 19, 1996 Dear Gordon, We got your letter and I wanted to throw my arms around you. I know just how you felt, and I hope you have learned already that it does get better. When I reached Tokyo to start my mission, I had been on and off airplanes for about 18 hours.Continue reading “I Know Just How You Feel”

I Am So Excited to be Here

November 12, 1996 Arcadia, California Dear Mom and Dad, I am sitting outside the office of the mission president waiting to be interviewed. I have a splitting headache, I’m starving, and I’m totally exhausted. I have been awake since 4:30 in the morning, and we haven’t eaten since around 11 mountain time, and it’s closeContinue reading “I Am So Excited to be Here”

He Does Work in Mysterious Ways

He is sitting on the stand with President Doughty, President Myers, and his newly sustained counselors. Here comes the first sister. “I never would have imagined the Lord calling someone as young as Bishop Laws as bishop. But there’s a good Spirit here.” Now comes Bill Fullmer. “I sustain Bishop Laws. And I will supportContinue reading “He Does Work in Mysterious Ways”

I Rebuke the Destroyer on Your Behalf

At 4 pm, he vomits so hard and loud that Patrina’s friend Stephanie can hear him through the phone even though the phone is twenty yards from the bathroom. Every hour till midnight, he vomits. He doesn’t move from the couch except to go to the restroom. His parents ask Stephen to sleep on theContinue reading “I Rebuke the Destroyer on Your Behalf”

Oh Lord, Won’t You Hear Me?

His father is lying in his childhood bed in the room where the previous owner died. The boy is sitting on the bed next to his father. “How do you know when the Holy Ghost tells you?” “The scriptures say it is a burning in the bosom.” “What does that mean?” “You feel warm andContinue reading “Oh Lord, Won’t You Hear Me?”

I Will Come to You

The man is standing at the door to the chapel greeting people as they wander in. He has already held bishopric and ward council and has been at the church since 6:45 am. Today, his smiles are weak, and his gaze is far off. It has been eighteen months since his father’s death. Five daysContinue reading “I Will Come to You”

Where There is No Vision

His cell rings and he is annoyed because she should have left the preschool right behind him but still isn’t home. He doesn’t even say hello. “What are you doing? You shoulda been—” “Be quiet and listen for a minute. We were in an accident.” Twenty minutes later, they are at the jagged intersection nextContinue reading “Where There is No Vision”