Collected Works

The veil between life and death is thin . . . in some cases, it has vanished.

“The dreams and stuff. I guess they’ve started for you. First night here, right?”
“People always dream,” Jim said. “It was just kind of vivid.”Isabella put the bite in her mouth and chewed. “But not like they do here. Here, your dreams are reality. All this other stuff . . . the classes, the food, the people . . . all this other stuff is fake. Meant to make you feel comfortable. Used to routine. The dreams are the thing. That’s the whole secret to this place.”Carl Sanders is not the rehab counselor Jim Rogers expected, and his study partner, Isabella Saenz, is definitely hiding something.And then, of course, there are the dreams. Dreams of the past. Dreams of things that have never been, people he has never known, events that may or may not be real. With each dream, Jim draws closer to a truth he cannot acknowledge, a violence he cannot speak of, pain he cannot bear. With him each step is Isabella, gradually opening to him her own dark truths in order to pull his out. But the darkness that haunted him and stalked him is now after people he loves. Can he learn to see in time?
In February 1874, a neighbor found Mercy Buckley beaten and dead near the woods on her uncles’ property in Halifax, Massachusetts. In the house, authorities found the bludgeoned bodies of Simeon and Thomas Sturtevant. A trail of money and clues led to their nephew, Willie Sturtevant, who would ultimately hang for the crime.Valerie Thomas was born and raised in New York City, so when her parents uproot her and her younger brother for the rural charm of Halifax, Massachusetts, she is not thrilled. On her first day of school, Val learns that she and her family have moved into the infamous Sturtevant murder house, and worse, it’s haunted! Soon, Val and her brother hear voices and begin to see the specter of a woman . . . a woman who says she wants justice.Compelled by the specter, Val joins up with Sturtevant descendant William Michael Johnson Sturtevant III to investigate the secrets of the house. As they dig, they find that nothing about the murders is as it seems, and an innocent man may have hung. Further, Val finds clues in the house that reveal secrets and mysterious deaths in her own family.Worse, while one force wants the truth to come out, someone else has never wanted the truth to be known . . . and isn’t about to let it out now.
As a young man, Jackson Louis left the violence and street warfare of Corpus Christi’s roughest neighborhood, the Cut, to become a Navy SEAL and, later, an investment banker. Now, he is back in the old neighborhood where his father’s violent history looms over everything.
When gang members attempt to rob Jackson, he knows it’s time for things in the Cut to change. And that change will leave a trail of carnage that will shake the Cut to its core.
Dobby was born with lopsided ears and no tail, and he was the runt of his litter. But don’t tell him what he can’t be. Dobby believes he is a mighty wolf forming his own wolf pack. Do you have what it takes to join his pack?
On Thanksgiving Day, Carson Snell caught twin Alec’s final touchdown pass of his career. Five days later, doctors at Children’s Hospital in Boston put Carson in a coma and on a ventilator to try to save his life. With that, Carson begins a journey into darkness that would change his life.Alec Snell prepared his whole life to be the quarterback at Silver Lake High School and take the team where it had never gone. But as the wins pile up, something is wrong with Alec, and when his twin is stricken with a mysterious illness, he feels that everything he knows is dying.Two years younger, Grant Laws was the twins’ family friend and surrogate younger brother. Through two different years, they guided Grant’s football life. When Carson goes into a coma, Grant realizes he has to make decisions that will change him forever.
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