You’ll Thank Me Later

They are here because of preeclampsia. Lauren is a type 1 diabetic, and at 37 weeks, her blood pressure has gone up, and protein has been found in her urine. She called Gordon away from work that afternoon, Lauren’s mother, Marti, met them at the hospital, and they have been preparing for a C-section allContinue reading “You’ll Thank Me Later”

I Did Not Watch with You One Hour

Lauren is bleeding. It started early in the morning. It has been three days since the doctors confirmed they could not find a heartbeat and that the baby had stopped growing. “I will cancel my meetings and stay home,” the man says. It is Sunday, and he is bishop. “I would rather not deal withContinue reading “I Did Not Watch with You One Hour”

So This Is It

Right after the session they are seated next to each other on a couch in the celestial room. It is summer before what he thinks will be his final two semesters of college when he will finish with an English major and a Spanish minor. But as he sits next to her, he can seeContinue reading “So This Is It”