So This Is It

Right after the session they are seated next to each other on a couch in the celestial room. It is summer before what he thinks will be his final two semesters of college when he will finish with an English major and a Spanish minor. But as he sits next to her, he can see clearly that there is no need to do two more semesters—he can rearrange his planned schedule and graduate with his BA in December. This is necessary because it is time to get pregnant with their first child. He will need to provide.

Lauren leans over to him.

“So I was thinking. Do you think it’s time to get pregnant?”

“I was thinking, not only that, but that I should skip doing a minor, finish my degree, and get into the workforce.”

“Do you feel good about that?”

“I think it’s what we are supposed to do.”

“So this is it, then.”

“Yes, I think so.”

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