I Want You to Be Honest about Something

The man has three distinct scenes in mind before this conversation with Lucia. At age eight, she hit her five-year mark with the local dance company, which meant that she was to receive a five-year award at the spring dance recital. They issued these awards partway through the recital. Each kid’s name was called, andContinue reading “I Want You to Be Honest about Something”

That’s an Auspicious Beginning

They are playing the middle school city championship at Buc Stadium, which can hold fifteen thousand fans and is home to most of the city’s weekly high school football games on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. They are used to playing on dirt fields surrounded by a fence that parents stand behind. Most of theContinue reading “That’s an Auspicious Beginning”

A Poor Man’s Made Out of Muscle and Blood

The boy is ten and on his first All Star baseball team. They have completed their first practice in the simmering Corpus Christi heat, and it was nothing like regular Little League practice. Drills were far more intense, they conditioned, and they worked the entire two hours with no time wasted shagging balls or foolingContinue reading “A Poor Man’s Made Out of Muscle and Blood”

Be a Winning Winner Who Wins, Not a Losing Loser Who Loses

They have just finished playing 2 v 1 on a full-length U12 field. Lindsay and Graham both play for Liverpool locally, but the man has beaten them 18-12. Lindsay is irritated about it. “All right. Over to the big goal. Five-shot PK shootout.” “Seriously, Dad? I wrestled and then we played and I’m exhausted.” “OhContinue reading “Be a Winning Winner Who Wins, Not a Losing Loser Who Loses”

I Have Graven Thee Upon My Elbow

They have a bucket of thirty baseballs, and they carry it, their home plate, two bats, and gloves to the park. The park has a backstop. His mother walks out paces to where a pitcher’s mound should be. He plays catch with her until their arms are warm. Then she pitches to him, ball afterContinue reading “I Have Graven Thee Upon My Elbow”