A Real Opponent

The man had been wrestling with Lindsay at least twice a week since all activities had been shut down. They took turns doing two minutes in neutral, two minutes with him on bottom, and two minutes with her on bottom. On this late morning, Lindsay was unable to escape from bottom, unable to prevent takedowns,Continue reading “A Real Opponent”

Secret Weapon

The boy and Stephen are in their first year of Little League Baseball. They each have been given two cardboard boxes of chocolates to sell as a fundraiser. They have also been coached on all the fine points of selling the bars–the Pizza Hut coupon printed on the wrapper around the bar, the options ofContinue reading “Secret Weapon”

I Want You to Be Honest about Something

The man has three distinct scenes in mind before this conversation with Lucia. At age eight, she hit her five-year mark with the local dance company, which meant that she was to receive a five-year award at the spring dance recital. They issued these awards partway through the recital. Each kid’s name was called, andContinue reading “I Want You to Be Honest about Something”

A Comprehensive Guide to Potty Training

She is not like Grant. She plays quietly with dolls, cuddles easily, and hates being dirty. She has transitioned out of diapers and pees easily on the potty. The man walks through the kitchen into the hall. A noise from the half bathroom at the end causes him to turn. She is sitting on theContinue reading “A Comprehensive Guide to Potty Training”

Be a Winning Winner Who Wins, Not a Losing Loser Who Loses

They have just finished playing 2 v 1 on a full-length U12 field. Lindsay and Graham both play for Liverpool locally, but the man has beaten them 18-12. Lindsay is irritated about it. “All right. Over to the big goal. Five-shot PK shootout.” “Seriously, Dad? I wrestled and then we played and I’m exhausted.” “OhContinue reading “Be a Winning Winner Who Wins, Not a Losing Loser Who Loses”

Nothing to See Here

Grant is old enough now to work the TV remote on his own. It is Saturday morning and Lauren and the man are in bed. Dragon Tales is droning and the man is between here and there when he hears: “Come on, Lucia! Let’s go get more ice cream!” They are awake now and flyingContinue reading “Nothing to See Here”

Does This Have Gluten Free?

After Lindsay’s second time throwing up, the man tells Lauren that someone must stay with her and that he will do it. He carries her into the girls’ bedroom, grabs the green bucket, slides into the lower bunk, and lays Lindsay against his ribs with her head tucked beneath his arm. A few minutes goContinue reading “Does This Have Gluten Free?”

The Greatest Joy in Parenting

The TV is on, and the boy is sitting in an easy chair. His father is rocking in his favorite rocking chair. Ruthanne races down the hall from the kitchen. “Hey! You were supposed to be in the bath!” She ignores their father and keeps running. “Get back here now!” She comes back into theContinue reading “The Greatest Joy in Parenting”

How to Teach Your Children the Plan of Salvation

“I have some sad news.” His son is six, his first daughter four, his second daughter two. “What’s the matter?” “Dorothy the fish has died.” “Oh. Can we get a cat now?” “Wait. Do you have any questions about what happened to Dorothy and where she is now?” “No. Do you think mom will letContinue reading “How to Teach Your Children the Plan of Salvation”