It’s Okay If You Go Home Now

Stephen is standing in the young man’s doorway. “Gordon, I think you should come see what’s up with Blackie.” “What do you mean?” “He’s on the armchair in my room and he won’t move.” “Just chase him off if you want him to move.” “No, I mean, he will not move. Just come see.” TheContinue reading “It’s Okay If You Go Home Now”

Be a Winning Winner Who Wins, Not a Losing Loser Who Loses

They have just finished playing 2 v 1 on a full-length U12 field. Lindsay and Graham both play for Liverpool locally, but the man has beaten them 18-12. Lindsay is irritated about it. “All right. Over to the big goal. Five-shot PK shootout.” “Seriously, Dad? I wrestled and then we played and I’m exhausted.” “OhContinue reading “Be a Winning Winner Who Wins, Not a Losing Loser Who Loses”

The Greatest Joy in Parenting

The TV is on, and the boy is sitting in an easy chair. His father is rocking in his favorite rocking chair. Ruthanne races down the hall from the kitchen. “Hey! You were supposed to be in the bath!” She ignores their father and keeps running. “Get back here now!” She comes back into theContinue reading “The Greatest Joy in Parenting”

How to Teach Your Children the Plan of Salvation

“I have some sad news.” His son is six, his first daughter four, his second daughter two. “What’s the matter?” “Dorothy the fish has died.” “Oh. Can we get a cat now?” “Wait. Do you have any questions about what happened to Dorothy and where she is now?” “No. Do you think mom will letContinue reading “How to Teach Your Children the Plan of Salvation”