Alone in Everett on a Hot Summer Day

Knowing how to receive revelation does not make it easy. He is home by himself in the third-floor, two-bedroom apartment on Union Street in Everett. A hospital is over the hill. There are no woods to flee to where he could find quiet. Lauren has taken Grant, age six weeks, to California to see herContinue reading “Alone in Everett on a Hot Summer Day”

Green Light

Near dusk, they knock a door halfway down the street. The woman says nothing but immediately waves them in. She motions to the couch and the young man and his companion sit. “Do you guys have any more videos you could leave me?” “Did missionaries give you some of our videos?” “Yeah, you guys did.”Continue reading “Green Light”

We’re All a Family and No One is Leaving

“I was just hoping to have a nice family day,” she says, as he moves the minivan onto the ramp to route 24. “What am I doing wrong?” says the man. “You’re just really grouchy. You could be nicer to us.” He rolls his eyes. “I don’t know when you’re going to get this. ThereContinue reading “We’re All a Family and No One is Leaving”

Olea, Shinehah, Kokaubeam, Kokob

Right after dinner and as it hits dark, Bill Ghormley organizes the young men into two teams, and they walk through a break in the small dunes and the dune weeds to the giant dune behind. That dune must a quarter mile long and wide. They have spent the day fishing in the waves andContinue reading “Olea, Shinehah, Kokaubeam, Kokob”

Beware of Tree Alligators

On summer nights, they are in bed by eight when the light is still out. They can hear the red-headed Scott Starr playing with friends and siblings in his driveway. Sometimes, their best friend next door, Kevin Luzius, is still out riding his bike. The boy and his brother hate it. This night, a gustyContinue reading “Beware of Tree Alligators”

Their God Would Be a Lion

Under the stars and the soft pier light they stand with poles in hand. The bass have been biting in a spot where the light shines brightest on the water. Stephen has snagged two already, while the young man has pulled in a catfish. Their dad has been skunked so far. “I never liked fishing,”Continue reading “Their God Would Be a Lion”

You Remind Me So Much of that One Girl

Before dinner, they sit in the living room waiting for Granny. She is making lasagna, and it is best to leave her alone. The young man sits on the couch next to Lauren, holding her left hand in his right as they watch TV. He runs his index finger around the small $600 diamond heContinue reading “You Remind Me So Much of that One Girl”

After the Play at Ford’s Theater

The boy is standing in the checkout aisle at the grocery store. The weekend before, his parents decided he was mature enough to sit quietly through the performance and took him to Ford’s Theater to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat. As he holds his mother’s hand, he listens to the cash registerContinue reading “After the Play at Ford’s Theater”

Does This Have Gluten Free?

After Lindsay’s second time throwing up, the man tells Lauren that someone must stay with her and that he will do it. He carries her into the girls’ bedroom, grabs the green bucket, slides into the lower bunk, and lays Lindsay against his ribs with her head tucked beneath his arm. A few minutes goContinue reading “Does This Have Gluten Free?”

Now They Always Say Congratulations

It is 9 pm. He is still in his white shirt and suit pants but has removed his tie. He sits in the dimly lit kitchen of their 800 square foot condo. Before him are two piles—on the left are the unedited pages and on the right are the reedited pages. He messed up theContinue reading “Now They Always Say Congratulations”