Real Gangstas Don’t Sleep

He approaches the man at the white picket fence. The man holds a garden hose and is watering his tiny cut of lawn in Hacienda Heights. “Edgar?” “That’s me. You two are new.” “I’m Elder Laws. This is Elder Smith.” “Ohh. You guys are the zone leaders the other two were talking about.” “We missedContinue reading “Real Gangstas Don’t Sleep”

Is This a Perfect Day for Bananafish?

This is Lindsay Laws, Gordon’s daughter. He wrote this story because of a real conversation that we had when I was twelve (I’m now fifteen) and was struggling with anxiety and suicidal thoughts. I don’t usually like to think about this time in my life, because it was miserable and the worst point of myContinue reading “Is This a Perfect Day for Bananafish?”

The Resurrection Is a Healing

The man is at MD Anderson. He is pushing his father’s wheelchair through the halls toward a fountain. Lauren is walking beside the wheelchair. “I want you to know something.” “Yeah?” “I finally understand what you were saying about the blessing you gave me.” “I didn’t really want to give you that blessing. I feltContinue reading “The Resurrection Is a Healing”