I Know Just How You Feel

November 19, 1996 Dear Gordon, We got your letter and I wanted to throw my arms around you. I know just how you felt, and I hope you have learned already that it does get better. When I reached Tokyo to start my mission, I had been on and off airplanes for about 18 hours.Continue reading “I Know Just How You Feel”

I Am So Excited to be Here

November 12, 1996 Arcadia, California Dear Mom and Dad, I am sitting outside the office of the mission president waiting to be interviewed. I have a splitting headache, I’m starving, and I’m totally exhausted. I have been awake since 4:30 in the morning, and we haven’t eaten since around 11 mountain time, and it’s closeContinue reading “I Am So Excited to be Here”

What This Neighborhood Needs

They have parked the car and just finished praying together. The young man looks at Elder Davis. “So we’ll check this media referral and if no one is here, we’ll tract this street.” “Sounds good.” The street they have come to is the outside edge of the snake pit—a two-mile area on the west sideContinue reading “What This Neighborhood Needs”

You Can’t Just Give Me a Bible

The young man taps on the sliding glass door. “Who dat?” “Elder Laws and Elder Davis. We’re looking for Ernie.” “Oh, Ernie. Why you want Ernie?” “He ordered a Bible off the TV.” “Oh, ok. He out back in the trailer home.” The young men turn and start across the driveway, but before they canContinue reading “You Can’t Just Give Me a Bible”