I Rebuke the Destroyer on Your Behalf

At 4 pm, he vomits so hard and loud that Patrina’s friend Stephanie can hear him through the phone even though the phone is twenty yards from the bathroom. Every hour till midnight, he vomits. He doesn’t move from the couch except to go to the restroom. His parents ask Stephen to sleep on theContinue reading “I Rebuke the Destroyer on Your Behalf”

Play This Game with Me

His father’s skin is ashen, framed by the blue robe. He holds an Xbox controller. On the large screen are two attack helicopters. A second controller sits next to the obese man on the couch. “What are you doing here?” “Here. Play this game with me.” “How can you just sit there and play aContinue reading “Play This Game with Me”

Oh Lord, Won’t You Hear Me?

His father is lying in his childhood bed in the room where the previous owner died. The boy is sitting on the bed next to his father. “How do you know when the Holy Ghost tells you?” “The scriptures say it is a burning in the bosom.” “What does that mean?” “You feel warm andContinue reading “Oh Lord, Won’t You Hear Me?”

Does This Have Gluten Free?

After Lindsay’s second time throwing up, the man tells Lauren that someone must stay with her and that he will do it. He carries her into the girls’ bedroom, grabs the green bucket, slides into the lower bunk, and lays Lindsay against his ribs with her head tucked beneath his arm. A few minutes goContinue reading “Does This Have Gluten Free?”

Raise Your Sons Not to be Delinquents

The man has heard a report on NPR that boys who do home projects with their dads have much lower rates of juvenile delinquency. Grant is two. It is Saturday. He has exhausted his mom by being himself all week. So today, the man will do projects with him to give his mother a restContinue reading “Raise Your Sons Not to be Delinquents”

The Greatest Joy in Parenting

The TV is on, and the boy is sitting in an easy chair. His father is rocking in his favorite rocking chair. Ruthanne races down the hall from the kitchen. “Hey! You were supposed to be in the bath!” She ignores their father and keeps running. “Get back here now!” She comes back into theContinue reading “The Greatest Joy in Parenting”