Christmas Dinner

It is their first Christmas as a married couple. They are spending it in Corpus Christi with the man’s parents. Stephen and Lydia are planning to stop by in another hour or so. The presents are all unwrapped, and everyone is now exhausted from the excitement wearing off. Around 3 pm, Lauren says, “I’m supposedContinue reading “Christmas Dinner”

A Mission Christmas Eve

The young man and Elder Judd have just loaded their zone’s Christmas packages in the trunk of their Corolla and bid the AP’s a Merry Christmas. The young man’s pager buzzes—Elders Kailiponi and Matsuzaka, 911. They drive to a Circle K and stop at a pay phone. “This is Elder Laws.” “Hey, it’s Elder Kailiponi.Continue reading “A Mission Christmas Eve”

Christmas Nightmare

On Christmas morning, the boy and his brother could stand it no longer. “You awake?” says the boy. “Yeah,” says Stephen. “Think we got hoppity horses for Christmas?” “Hope so.” “Wanna go check? “Think we’ll get in trouble?” “Not if we don’t get caught.” “What time is it?” “3:45.” “Mom will KILL us.” “No, we’llContinue reading “Christmas Nightmare”