Oh Lord, Won’t You Hear Me?

His father is lying in his childhood bed in the room where the previous owner died. The boy is sitting on the bed next to his father.

“How do you know when the Holy Ghost tells you?”

“The scriptures say it is a burning in the bosom.”

“What does that mean?”

“You feel warm and good inside, I guess.”

“Has that happened to you about the Book of Mormon?”

“Not really. It just makes sense to me and when I follow it my life is better.”

“I keep praying and I don’t feel any different. I read it and it’s hard to understand.”

“I had a friend who read the Book of Mormon over and over and prayed over and over to know it was true. He got no answer and he was really frustrated. One night, he finally cried out, ‘Oh Lord, won’t you hear me?’ And a voice answered, ‘Yes.’ And then he knew.”


“The Lord will answer you, Son.”

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