Where There is No Vision

His cell rings and he is annoyed because she should have left the preschool right behind him but still isn’t home. He doesn’t even say hello.

“What are you doing? You shoulda been—”

“Be quiet and listen for a minute. We were in an accident.”

Twenty minutes later, they are at the jagged intersection next to Johnny Macaroni’s. Lauren comes over to his car. Ambulance lights swing around them.

“Take Lucia. They already cleared her. They’re boarding Lindsay because she said her neck hurts, but I think she’s fine. I think she meant that her chest hurts from the seatbelt.”

“Where are they taking her?”

“South Shore Hospital. And I have to go too. I got a bad bruise across my chest from the seatbelt, and they say I have to go.”

“Ok. What happened?”

“The other car just suddenly turned left in front of me. There was no time. I couldn’t stop. And then we both rolled together and hit a third car at the stop sign. But there was an ambulance right at the intersection with its lights off so they got us right away.”


“I gotta go. They want me to ride in the ambulance.”

She walks away. Grant says, “Is Lindsay gonna die?”

“No, pal. They’re just taking her to be sure she’s all right.”

Where is the other driver? He looks across the median and sees a cluster of young people. Probably some stupid young kid texting. I’m gonna go tell him now that whatever happens to my daughter is what will happen to him. If she dies, I will take everything from him.

But he does not see a guy. He sees a teen girl crying. The feeling passes.

Lindsay and Lauren are released two hours later.

Five days later, the accident report tells him that the driver was Joseph Nunzio. How did he see a girl?

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