An Elegy for Christmas Past

It is 5:42 am Christmas morning when the young man’s bedroom door creaks open and he hears his brother’s voice. “You awake?” “Yeah, bro. Come on in.” “Think I should wake up Ruthanne?” “It’s tradition, right?” Stephen disappears, then reappears a minute later with Ruthanne. “I was up already,” she says. “Just didn’t know ifContinue reading “An Elegy for Christmas Past”

A Mission Christmas Eve

The young man and Elder Judd have just loaded their zone’s Christmas packages in the trunk of their Corolla and bid the AP’s a Merry Christmas. The young man’s pager buzzes—Elders Kailiponi and Matsuzaka, 911. They drive to a Circle K and stop at a pay phone. “This is Elder Laws.” “Hey, it’s Elder Kailiponi.Continue reading “A Mission Christmas Eve”

I’m Sorry to Call You with This News on Christmas Eve

JS called Saturday morning to let them know that he was sick to his stomach and couldn’t make it that night. Like Lauren, he was a type 1 diabetic. Sunday, he did not show for church, and Lauren told the man to call him. He did and got only voicemail. Monday was the day ofContinue reading “I’m Sorry to Call You with This News on Christmas Eve”