Nothing to See Here

Grant is old enough now to work the TV remote on his own. It is Saturday morning and Lauren and the man are in bed. Dragon Tales is droning and the man is between here and there when he hears:

“Come on, Lucia! Let’s go get more ice cream!”

They are awake now and flying down the stairs. The green loveseat is covered in chocolate ice cream, and an empty half gallon sits in the middle. The man turns as Grant comes marching around the corner, Lucia behind him. He holds another half gallon of ice cream under one arm and has a wooden spoon in the other.

“What are you doing?”

Grant bangs the ice cream tub with the spoon.

“Playing drums! And eating ice cream!”

Lauren looks at Lucia who holds a spoon of ice cream.

“What are you doing?”

Lucia bolts back to the kitchen. Lauren follows her. Lucia runs to the silverware drawer and opens it. She licks the spoon clean, then drops it in the drawer and shuts the drawer.


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