He Does Work in Mysterious Ways

He is sitting on the stand with President Doughty, President Myers, and his newly sustained counselors. Here comes the first sister.

“I never would have imagined the Lord calling someone as young as Bishop Laws as bishop. But there’s a good Spirit here.”

Now comes Bill Fullmer.

“I sustain Bishop Laws. And I will support him. He will need it. He and his family are very young.”

Here comes Gary Braden.

“I have always loved speculating about who will be the next Bishop. I know that’s not appropriate, but I do that with friends. I think I am saying the obvious here—we all thought it would be Bill Fullmer. I mean, Bishop Laws is so young. But it’s the Lord’s Church, and He has told me that Bishop Laws is the right man.”

After the meetings, after the training, he walks to the parking lot with President Doughty who puts a hand on his arm.

“There’s a good spirit here. You really have the support of the ward.”

“Only because God Himself apparently came down and told everyone I was the right man.”

Doughty laughs. “Well, He does work in mysterious ways.”

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