Why Don’t You Try Something Different?

The man sits on a leather couch. He keeps his phone at arm’s length and facedown. His therapist is how you picture a therapist—a sweater, salt and pepper hair, glasses, trim, legs crossed, leather shoes, a steno pad on his lap and a pen in his right hand. They are two-thirds through the session. “SoContinue reading “Why Don’t You Try Something Different?”

Revelations Communicate Divine Intelligence

What the man would like to know is if the dreams are revelatory. He has read about Joseph and his interpretation of dreams. He has studied Lehi’s dream. He has studied Daniel and the stone cut out of the mountain without hands. In his stewardship interview with the stake president, he asks, because after all,Continue reading “Revelations Communicate Divine Intelligence”

Play This Game with Me

His father’s skin is ashen, framed by the blue robe. He holds an Xbox controller. On the large screen are two attack helicopters. A second controller sits next to the obese man on the couch. “What are you doing here?” “Here. Play this game with me.” “How can you just sit there and play aContinue reading “Play This Game with Me”