Wiener Pond

He hates taking the side trails home to avoid the 20-meter puddle. Today, he has an idea of how to navigate it. He slows to a walk and starts around the edge of the puddle, his feet on the edge of the sand and water. He brushes against the thorns and sticks. At the point where the water meets the thicket, he grabs a strong woody stem growing from the ground. He leans back at an angle, anchoring his feet against the roots of the stem, and tries to move gradually over the water to the sand to his left.

The stem does not hold. He crashes backward into 40-degree muddy water. He exhales sharply. He lies still for a moment. What would people say if they could see him?

Finally, he pushes himself up and stomps through the water to the other side. He pulls his phone from his front pocket. The kids will just be starting breakfast before online school.

He types, “You’ll never believe what I just did.”

His kids will name the puddle Wiener Pond.

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