Covid, Not Plymouth 400

He is sitting on the living room couch when the vision unfolds. The vision is so clear that he cannot sit still. He arises and goes out to walk the neighborhood. The original pilgrims are everywhere—their spirits are ministering, helping the heirs of the Kingdom.

Millions mill around the city for Plymouth 400, and the one hundred active heirs mix with them, showing people how to find the 35 million descendants of the Mayflower. The 100 baptize in temples and they baptize in their chapel and soon the 100 are 300 and there are two groups meeting at the chapel. And they both baptize in temples and in their chapel and soon the 300 are 600 and there are three groups meeting at the chapel and the chapel is the center of the region, watched over by the centuries of the dead who have waited for this day.

Two years later, Covid happens and not Plymouth 400. When restrictions begin to lift at church, not even 50 people are allowed to show up.

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