A Stranger and a Foreigner

“Miss Cumming, you may wish to attend to Private Smith at your earliest,” said the doctor. “I do not expect him to make it through the day.” “Where is he, sir?” Kate said. “Upstairs,” said the doctor. “Memphis boy. 6th Tennessee Volunteers.” “Tennessee. Very well,” said Kate. She moved toward the stairs. “Miss Cumming?” saidContinue reading “A Stranger and a Foreigner”

Resting at the Old Tishomingo Hotel

In the 1860s, Randolph County, Alabama, abutted the heart of the Black Belt of Alabama–a region of rich black soil that first produced food. In time, as the cotton market expanded, food crops were swapped for cotton, and enslaved people were brought to the plantations to cultivate the land, giving the regional nickname a tragicContinue reading “Resting at the Old Tishomingo Hotel”