Write This on Your Heart

The young man has his mission call—he will enter the missionary training center on October 27. He cannot return to school, so he is working at Pizza Hut and hanging around the house. His brother is a senior and is playing defensive tackle for the same head coach he had graduated under, Coach JH. CoachContinue reading “Write This on Your Heart”

Kickoff Return

The young man plays tight end on offense and goes with the linemen during offense. They are in position groups, but drills haven’t started. Coach Bubba Arledge is leaning on the sled nearby and sees Sean, Roger, and the young man together. Arledge was an all-state guard on a state championship team. “How you doing,Continue reading “Kickoff Return”

You’re Easy

Coach Slaughter left for Lufkin after the young man’s freshman year. He was replaced by Gary Davenport who was making the jump from 3A to 5A and who brought with him the old school wing-T offense. His hiring had been opposed by major boosters, and the players had all voted to have Coach Powers, Slaughter’sContinue reading “You’re Easy”