The Orphan of the Orphan Brigade

“Excuse me, ma’am,” a weak voice said as she passed up the aisle. Kate turned around. “Yes, sir?” she said, a pile of fresh bandages in her arms. At first, she wasn’t sure who had even spoken. The men all lay with eyes closed, but one of them shifted. “Private Fugate, ma’am. Fifth Kentucky,” theContinue reading “The Orphan of the Orphan Brigade”

A Great Prejudice Against Ladies

When Kate Cumming embarked on her journey to serve in hospitals, she and her traveling crew of other women immediately met resistance. On the way to Corinth, Kate met other women who had been to the hospitals to serve and recorded, “It seems that the surgeons entertain great prejudice against admitting ladies into the hospitalContinue reading “A Great Prejudice Against Ladies”