All Apologies

“You go to Chris’s funeral?” he asks P, sitting next to her at Bayfront Park. “Yeah. You? I didn’t see you there but there were a lot of people.” “Nah. I did the viewing. Was kinda done after that. How was the funeral?” “It wasn’t him. He would have hated it. The minister kinda pissedContinue reading “All Apologies”

Olea, Shinehah, Kokaubeam, Kokob

Right after dinner and as it hits dark, Bill Ghormley organizes the young men into two teams, and they walk through a break in the small dunes and the dune weeds to the giant dune behind. That dune must a quarter mile long and wide. They have spent the day fishing in the waves andContinue reading “Olea, Shinehah, Kokaubeam, Kokob”

Their God Would Be a Lion

Under the stars and the soft pier light they stand with poles in hand. The bass have been biting in a spot where the light shines brightest on the water. Stephen has snagged two already, while the young man has pulled in a catfish. Their dad has been skunked so far. “I never liked fishing,”Continue reading “Their God Would Be a Lion”

The Casket Is Open

Early in the evening, the young man goes with his best friend Ted to the calling hours at Seaside Memorial Funeral Home. Chris’s mother is sitting about three pews back from the casket next to a man. She is bone thin and wearing a gray pantsuit. The man must be her second husband. Her firstContinue reading “The Casket Is Open”

Don’t Cut Yourself

The sun is high and hot. The young man is hanging around with the running backs and receivers. Brian is new to the team—tall, bulging biceps, and a tattoo, all as an eighth grader. “Dude, what’s up with your wrists?” says Javier. “Oh, I got a super sharp knife and I cut myself.” “On purpose?”Continue reading “Don’t Cut Yourself”

I Rebuke the Destroyer on Your Behalf

At 4 pm, he vomits so hard and loud that Patrina’s friend Stephanie can hear him through the phone even though the phone is twenty yards from the bathroom. Every hour till midnight, he vomits. He doesn’t move from the couch except to go to the restroom. His parents ask Stephen to sleep on theContinue reading “I Rebuke the Destroyer on Your Behalf”

To All Soces

The editorial page editor sits at the computer where they layout the school newspaper. He is planning to write more about the new president but Chris gave him a letter to the editor in the hall. Now he reads it. Dear Editor: There are many people in this school who think they are better thanContinue reading “To All Soces”